Get Your Social Media Questions ANSWERED!

Do you have an in-house social media person but they need a knowledgeable professional that can answer their questions when they get stuck or bounce off new ideas? Or are you looking to do it all yourself and YOU need your questions answered?

We Can Help!

Lindsay Dicks, CEO

Our Expert Social Media Advisors Can Be Yours!

For the first time ever, I’m going to be offering one-on-one monthly coaching calls by my top Social Media Advisors. Yes, these people were trained by me and are the people that run all the social media for our clients as well as myself and Nick!

These spots are VERY limited and once they book up, you’ll be added to a waitlist for the next spot that opens.

Every month you’ll receive a 1-hour coaching call where you can ask ANYTHING you like. Got an SEO question, no problem! Got a Social Media how-to question, no problem! My trained specialist can walk you through anything you want to know and need answered.

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I know we’ve ALL heard those magic pill gimmicks out there- well, although there are no magic pills, IDEAS really do work! Have a question on a latest social media, web or SEO fad you’ve heard of? Ask us and we’ll tell you the down and dirty on where you should really spend your time.

Don’t have time to travel to expensive masterminds? No problem! These coaching calls will take place anywhere you like, any time you like and the cost is less than the price of your cable bill!

“How many of you Tweet and Twitter? If you’re just trying it out or doing your best to market yourself, check out Lindsay Dicks. She’s the when it comes to self promotion.”

-Heidi Hatch, Fox 35 News

“Thanks for everything! We’re crushing last year’s numbers, already. Thanks for helping us spread the word!”

-Neill Foshee, Senior Equity Advisor, Hidden Wealth System

Here’s what you’ll get:

1-Hour Coaching Session

Every month with your dedicated Social Media Advisor


You can have as many people on the call as you like!

Weekly SEO and Social Media Alert

Keeps you in the know of what’s happening in social media, SEO, mobile and web

Action Items

We will record the call and send it to you along with a bulleted action item list to get things accomplished!

Should you have any questions in the meantime, you can all our office. We look forward to working with you!