How I Can Tell You Bought Your Facebook Fans

Yesterday a client emailed me to ask about a Twitter follower buying program. My answer is always a big NO because you can’t be social with people you don’t know. You’d be better off crashing a wedding, because at least you would have fun and get to dance before you knocked “getting thrown out of a wedding” off of your bucket list.

Today, I was looking at a website of someone I know. I noticed how many fans this person had (because I just migrate towards those things.)  Because I know this person, I have two immediate thoughts; the first was “they hired someone to help with their social media marketing and the second thought was “how did such a small business get so many Facebook fans?” I was pretty sure I would find what I did, but as I clicked on their fans, I noticed two things; one none of them were friends with the business owner, but most of all, none of them were local. Even worse, many were from overseas.

Social Media is not about just building numbers of fans and followers. It’s about engaging and converting. The problem with the strategy  – aside from being shady and in many cases, a violation of Terms of Service that could get you banned from a social network – is that your engagement numbers will be very low. Facebook for example, rewards posts that have high engagement so that people see the posts more often. If these “fake fans” don’t know you or really care about you or your business, they won’t give you likes or comments, and that won’t help your brand. In the end, the only people who win are the clowns selling these shady services.

For additional perspective, here is an article I wrote for Social Media Today on the topic of buying fans. It’s appropriately titled, The Prostitution Approach to Social Media.



Win a Free Social Media Analysis and Consultation (a $500 Value!)

A few months ago, I launched this new brand as a division of my firm, AKA Internet Marketing. My goal was to build a portal that just focuses on social media insights, news, and information and although it’s been a slow process of getting it up and running, it is live. In an effort to breathe some new life into the site and associated social media properties, I am holding a contest that starts today and ends at the end of August. You will have two great opportunities to benefit. The first is that there are many ways to enter the contest, one of which is to email us with a social media challenge you are having and if we select it, you will get the benefit of a proposed solution at no cost (it will be posted on the blog – and yes, we can make it anonymous if you would like.) The second is that I will be awarding a single grand prize, valued at $500 and that is a full social media assessment where we will look at what you are doing in social media and offer some suggestions for improvement. Additionally, we will offer a (one hour) follow up consultation by phone to make sure we answer any of your questions.

There are several ways to enter and some are as simple as liking our Facebook page or following us on Twitter.  Some will allow you to collect points by re-tweeting about the contest and by asking your questions privately, you can earn the most points at once (even if we don’t choose it as one to answer on the blog.) Check out the widget below to start earning points in the contest.



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The Groupon I Would NEVER Want as a Gift

This is one of those examples where using a standard template just doesn’t work well. I think the marketing folks at Groupon might want to reconsider how they offer sensitive medical procedures as deals.

Click to enlarge (no pun intended) the photo.  Perhaps you might buy this for a friend as a joke, and I don’t mean any ill will towards anyone suffering, I just kind of laughed out loud all by myself when I read “Buy it for a friend!”


5 Tips for Thriving on Twitter

Someone recently asked me how to get more people to retweet their tweets. It’s a common question and here are my suggestions (make sure to read what happened.)

1. Ask and Ye Shall Receive. The simple act of asking people to retweet you tweets inceased your re-tweet rate. Yes, it’s that simple. You can simply append your tweets with “Pls RT” or something like that and people will often do it just because you asked. You can also send tweets directly to people who follow you and ask them to specifically retweet a tweet for you, but I wouldn’t make it a daily practice because you could wear out your welcome.

2. Do Unto Others. If you want people to retweet your tweets, you can start by retweeting theirs. It’s puts the universal law of sowing and reaping (referred to some as karma) into play for you. Not only will people take notice, but they will thank you and return the favor.

3. Become a Publisher. Did you know that you can start your own Twitter publication? Currently it’s free and it’s a great way to spread the love and highlight what others are doing in specific market. Again, people will thank you for highlighting their tweets.

4. Hold a Contest. I am sure you have seen contests where there are multiple ways to enter, one of which is “retweet about this contest.”  Make sure you have them follow you as well for one of the entries.  There is a free widget you can use to help facilitate this as well, called Rafflecopter.

5. Don’t Set Your Tweets to Protected. Nothing says “I don’t really want to be a good community member” like having your Tweets protected. Basically, no one will see what you are doing publicly, so therefore fewer people will want to follow you, which means fewer people will retweet you and you will have limited exposure. If you feel that strongly about protecting your tweets, I am going to take a step out on a limb and say social media might not be a good marketing strategy for you.

If you take these steps, you will start to see results. And in the case of the person who asked for help, he texted me and said he was seeing immediate results to people retweeting just because he was asking. To quote one of the good guys… “I love it when a plan comes together.”


How to Add an Admin to Your Facebook Page

Whenever I get a question, I like to post the answer in the form of a blog post or a video, because if one person has the question, I am sure someone else does. Here are the 5 simple steps to adding an admin (administrator to your Facebook Page. Please know that if you add someone, it must 0be someone you trust because they can remove you as an admin from your own page.

1. Go to the Facebook page you want to give admin rights to.
2 . Click the “Admin Panel” button in the upper right corner.

3.  Click on the Manage button in the drop down menu and select “edit page”

4. Select “Manage Admins” from the left menu bar:

5. Start to type the persons name in the box and it should auto populate (if they are fans of the page). If not, you can use their email address associate with their Facebook account.

When you are finished, just make sure to select the save button. It really is simple when you have a step by step approach.

Have more Facebook (or other social media) questions? Feel free to contact me.

The Easter Story Told Through Social Media

Not sure if you saw this, but it was played at my church on Easter. Kudos to the folks at Igniter Media who created it. Enjoy!

A Lesson In Blogging from Your Social Media Coach

Hey everyone, thanks for visiting my latest work in progress. I have decided to launch a new social media training community. Excuse me as I slowly build this online community, but see this as a lesson in itself.  Here is the lesson:

Some people believe that you should not put out a website until it is ready for the public. In some cases, this is true, but in other cases I like to put “something’ out there, just to get the juices flowing. And by that, I mean Google’s juices.

Google looks at several factors when determining what to return as search results, and one of those factors is how long the site has been around, so rather than just having a dormant domain, I often set up a simple WordPress site like this one to start the ball rolling. The other thing it does is motivates me to finish the project, so now “game on!”

Here is how you are do the same for your next project website.

1. Get a web hosting account. I recommend HostGator, because for a small monthly fee, they allow you to host multiple sites.  They also have the WordPress software as a one click install which makes it easy to set up.  As the site grows, you can migrate it to a larger plan, but they can handle quite a bit of traffic.

2. Install WordPress through Fantastico. Find that icon in the Control Panel and use this tutorial on how to install WordPress to get you going.

3. Get a free WordPress Theme. If you want you want use the same one I stated with (The site has since been updated with a customized template.)

4. Write a simple blog post related to your business.


  • If you want to start monetizing your site, you can add AdSense code, affiliate links, or a link to your primary business page.
  • Start Building Your Social Media Profiles.

I hope that helps get you on your way to online marketing success!

Until next time…

~ Anthony
Your Social Media Coach